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Meet the HCR™ Assay Designer

Written by
The MI Team

We're thrilled to introduce the HCR™ Assay Designer as part of our 2023 Winter Update! This user-friendly ordering interface comes with enhanced capabilities for easier and more flexible RNA-ISH Kit configurations. This guide is designed to be a comprehensive tutorial on how to navigate the all-new HCR™ Assay Designer.

Step 1: Select Your Configuration

The HCR™ Assay Designer now enables you to customize your selection among various kit types: Probe + Detect Bundle, Probe Only, or Detect Only.

Step 2: Choose Your Autostainer Platform (BOND RX/RXm, DISCOVERY ULTRA, or ONCORE PRO X) and Indicate the Scale for Your HCR™ Reagents: 20 Slides or 90 Slides
Step 3: Specify Your HCR™ Probe

Once you have selected your autostainer platform and determined the desired scale for your order, the next step is to choose your organism and navigate through our Infinite Catalog to select your RNA target of interest.

If your organism isn't yet part of the Infinite Catalog, or your target isn't part of the transcriptome, don't worry! Simply type in your organism and/or input your RNA target as custom options. You can then paste your RNA target sequence as indicated below. If you don't have the target sequence handy, you can still proceed with placing your order and submit the sequence later.

Step 4: Specify Your HCR™ Detect

After finalizing your HCR™ Probe selections, the last step is to decide which enzyme you'd like to use for your assay: HRP or AP. Alternatively, if you prefer the flexibility to use both HRP and AP, that option is now available as well and can only be selected at the time of purchase.

Step 5: Submit Your Order

Now that all your selections have been made, add your configuration to the cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button.

This will direct you to your cart where you can include any comments, make edits to your assay, or remove it altogether. If everything looks good, select the "Review Order" button.

Clicking the "Review Order" button will generate a pop-up displaying a summary of your assays, estimated shipping costs, and an overview of your shipping and billing information. You also have the option to include a nickname for your order, making it easier to distinguish it from other orders in the future.

Upon submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation email including a PDF quote and a link to submit a purchase order (PO). We aim to ship HCR™ RNA-ISH Kits within 15 business days of receiving a valid PO. If you opt for prepayment via credit card, please let us know, and we can generate an electronic invoice for your convenience.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@molecularinstruments.com.

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