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2023 Winter Update

Written by
The MI Team

HCR™ RNA-ISH launched with initial support for Leica's BOND RX/RXm over 6 months ago, and the responses from users have been incredible! We're excited to announce our next set feature and capability updates (detailed below): 

HCR™ RNA-ISH is now fully compatible with Roche's DISCOVERY ULTRA and Biocare's ONCORE Pro X.
  • DISCOVERY users: Contact your Roche representative to install the HCR™ Software on your autostainer.
  • Click here to access our HCR™ RNA-ISH Setup Guide for use on the DISCOVERY ULTRA.
  • ONCORE users: Click here to access our HCR™ RNA-ISH Setup Guide for use on the ONCORE Pro X.
  • Place your order with us here.

HCR™ RNA-ISH now supports hot-swapping chromogenic or fluorescent reporting using the same kit through TSA Fluors. Additional details can be found on our Setup Guides.
  • Below, you'll find tables outlining our fluor recommendations tailored to your choice of platform: BOND RX/RXm, ONCORE Pro X, or DISCOVERY.
The HCR™ RNA-ISH Setup Guide for use on Leica's BOND RX/RXm features additional optimizations.
  • Current BOND users: Update your existing protocol using our most recent Setup Guide.
  • Automated HCR™ Probe Kits now feature reformulated designs to ensure improved performance and future compatibility with multiplexing.
  • Note that current HCR™ Probe Kits are still compatible with the updated Setup Guide, eliminating the need for any replacements.
HCR™ Starter Kits have been revised to facilitate more efficient evaluation of our best-in-class performance and native compatibility with IHC/IF. More information about our Starter Kits can be found here.
  • Every HCR™ Starter Kit now includes a set of three HCR™ Control Slides for mouse or human liver FFPE tissue sections. 1 slide for a positive control using PPIB/Ppib, 1 slide for a negative control using dapB, and 1 slide for co-detection using the HCR™ Membrane Stain.
The HCR™ Assay Designer has received a major update, enabling all-new ordering capabilities.
  • Ability to order HCR™ Probes against custom organisms/targets
  • Option to order AP and HRP detection reagents together
  • Option to order HCR™ Probe and HCR™ Detect reagents as separate kits
  • Check out our guide for more information on the HCR™ Assay Designer

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