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Safety Data Sheets
HCR™ Pretreat Reagents
  • HCR™ Pretreat A (SDS)
  • HCR™ Pretreat B (SDS)
  • HCR™ Pretreat C (SDS)
  • HCR™ Pretreat D (SDS)
HCR™ Probe Reagents
  • HCR™ Probe (SDS)
  • HCR™ Probe Diluent (SDS
  • HCR™ Membrane Stain (SDS)
HCR™ Detect Reagents
  • HCR™ Detect A (SDS)
  • HCR™ Detect B (SDS)
  • HCR™ Detect C (SDS)
  • HCR™ Detect D (SDS)
  • HCR™ Detect E (SDS)
  • HCR™ Detect F AP (SDS)
  • HCR™ Detect F HRP (SDS)
HCR™ Post-Process Reagents
  • HCR™ Post-Process A (SDS
  • HCR™ Post-Process B (SDS

For any questions about our Safety Data Sheets, please contact us at support@molecularinstruments.com.