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Learn why so many groups are switching to HCR™ RNA-CISH

Written by
The MI Team

HCR™ RNA-CISH is a revolutionary product that is quickly setting a new standard in the industry for its high performance and rapid and scalable RNA-ISH. These kits combine breakthrough performance enabled by the HCR™ Amplification platform, high-scale automation capabilities on the most popular hardware, and years of refinement through beta testing across nearly every major biopharma company. With so many scientists quickly transitioning to next-generation HCR™ RNA-CISH, we've worked hard to make the switch as seamless as possible.

Transitioning your work to HCR™ RNA-CISH is easy. Among the many advantages associated with HCR™ RNA-CISH, notable benefits include an overall shorter protocol time, enzyme-free pretreatment, and boosted signal quality. Since HCR™ RNA-CISH does not require any protease digestion, it is architecturally compatible with co-detection of RNA and protein, thereby requiring no additional protocol optimization.

Case study: HCR™ RNA-CISH for tissue qualification

One of the use cases for HCR™ RNA-CISH is to qualify RNA integrity of externally sourced FFPE patient tissue blocks based on scoring the signal of a house-keeping gene. When using HCR™ RNA-CISH, users reported that they were able to qualify a higher amount of tissue blocks than with their previous method. In a small study, one user reported being able to qualify half of the tissue block they studied. When using their previous method, the same user was unable to detect any signal from the house-keeping gene.

HCR™ RNA-CISH outperforms in ease-of-use and user experience

In addition to its technological advantages, HCR™ RNA-CISH also features ease-of-use and user experience.

  1. Accessible pricing: Zero custom design (or other hidden) fees and a per-slide cost half that of legacy methods
  2. Infinite catalog: Ability to search through the entire transcriptome for any organism of interest
  3. Fast shipping: HCR™ RNA-CISH kits ship within 4 weeks