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New to HCR™ RNA-ISH? Request your free Starter Kit today

Written by
The MI Team

HCR™ RNA-ISH Starter Kits enable new users to evaluate the HCR™ RNA-ISH assay on their autostaining platform of choice (e.g., BOND RX/RXm, DISCOVERY ULTRA, ONCORE Pro X). Users provide their own AP- or HRP-driven chromogen of choice. Starter Kits are available for either human or mouse tissue.

Each kit includes:

  • A positive control target (PPIB/Ppib)
  • A negative control target (dapB)
  • An HCR™ Membrane Stain
  • HCR™ Control Slides (3 human or mouse liver FFPE tissue sections)
  • All the reagents needed for HCR™ Detection

Human HCR™ RNA-ISH Starter Kit

Sample images with the Human HCR™ RNA-ISH Starter Kit in FFPE liver tissue sections:

Mouse HCR™ RNA-ISH Starter Kit

Sample images with the Mouse HCR™ RNA-ISH Starter Kit in FFPE liver tissue sections: 

If you're interested in performing an HCR™ RNA-ISH experiment manually, please contact our support team (support@molecularinstruments.com), and we will follow-up with you shortly.

Request your free Starter Kit!