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Coming Soon: Next-Generation HCR™ RNA-FISH

Written by
The MI Team

We're excited to announce our upcoming HCR™ RNA-FISH product that features next-generation HCR™ Amplification for multiplexed fluorescent in situ hybridization with the convenience and scale of automation. HCR™ RNA-FISH will be available to use on all major automation platforms with easy-to-use protocols. It will be compatible with any RNA target, including microRNA and splice junctions, in all tissue section samples.

Our next generation HCR™ Amplification platform for fluorescent imaging supports up to four colors per imaging round with simultaneous multiplexing and allows for quantitative signal scaling with enzyme-free, permissive conditions that don't harm your sample.

You will also be able to easily co-detect RNA and proteins with no additional optimization. Our protease-free sample treatment means that native protein structure is preserved, ensuring simple and true co-detection.